We undertake professional translations of documentation in the following areas: economy, sociology,law, websites. In addition we do translations of documents, theses, presentations, official documents, general documents, letters, catalogs, projects, contracts.

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You can send your request immediately if you fill out the form below: supported formats of the uploaded document: *doc, *docx, *.txt, *pdf, *.htm, *.html . Max. file size: 3 Mb.
If you whish to upload documents with another formats, please, contact us!

Our traslator group offers customer-orientated, personalized, quick translation services: affordable price, efficiency, speed.

We continuously use our gained knowledge, we are capable of development, dedicated and enthusiastic for our work, we strive to be professionals. We whish to offer professional translation services and we hope that soon many others will be ascertained about it.

We whish to liquidate the approach according to which different languages make boundaries among people. It is not true! Languages bring people together. Providing that we know the key between two or more languages - which fits in every lock. We know this key, we have these keys, and if you like we can provide to you one by that we translate the given text for you, by this you get much closer to the information, content within, and perhaps to the author himself.

We hope that to those who contact us, give us orders, trust us, we will have a long-term (business) relation.
Whatever you need, project or services, you can be sure that the document you give us is in the best hands!
Zsófia Vályi-Nagy
Kulcs translator group Miskolc - Hungary
Contact: 3670 246 0940 or email: forditoinfo@gmail.com